Looking To Get Started With Scrapbooking? You're In For A Treat!Scrapbooking Is A Fun Hobby And Pastime. Check Out Our Latest Articles For Inspiration!
Looking To Get Started With Scrapbooking? You're In For A Treat!
Scrapbooking Is A Fun Hobby. Check Out Our Latest Articles For Inspiration!
How To Make A Scrapbook For A Child’s Birthday

How To Make A Scrapbook For A Child’s Birthday

I remember when my kids were younger, I adored their birthday celebrations and wished to capture every moment. Commonly though, it wasn’t till after the celebration was over that I realized I only took a couple of photos and that I didn’t save any of the extra invites.

Knowing ahead of time that you wish to make a scrapbook of your child’s celebration, will ensure that you same some party items such as the guest listing, the invites, and any greeting cards the child gets in the mail. All of these can be contributed to the scrapbook.

Consider taking an image of each visitor as they show up. If you aren’t using a digital camera for your photos then order about 3 sets for various things… examples:

  • Set 1: For your own scrapbooking needs of course.
  • Set 2: Are photos to send out to the various children guest’s parents
  • Set 3: Keep for your child for when the are older. They may wish to “go back in time” at some point (as most of us do) and will be very happy to have these

When it’s time to open presents, in addition to taking pictures, conserve the cards that come with the presents. Typically, at more youthful ages, kids make their own cards, and they are truly too valuable to throw out.

If you have actually bought a cake, or even if you have actually baked a cake, take an image prior to the time when the candles are added. Another idea here is if you’ve used a recipe you found (or a family keepsake recipe) to bake the cake, make a copy of the recipe to add to the scrapbook, along with an image of the cake.

Does the party have a theme? If you are buying sticker, labels, or possibly temporary tattoos to hand out in gift bags, purchase an additional set of items (naturally ensure that they are acid free and lignin-free) to include to your scrapbook pages.

Make sure to take photos of the child with the grandparents if the child’s grandparents are at the party. This is true for other loved ones that are there as well. Mini cds or an online photo account for loved ones who do come or for those who cannot so that they may use them as well in their scrapbooking endeavors (or whatever they do with their pictures). I like when I get photos of my family members. It’s so neat to keep up with her parties and other tasks through photos.

With the above ideas, you’ll create a lasting memory for both you and your child.

Make A Scrapbook – More Than Just A Picture Collection

Make A Scrapbook – More Than Just A Picture Collection

Scrapbooks are not simply for images. When I was in elementary school, I had a scrapbook.

I tried to keep movie ticket stubs, concert ticket stubs, letters from family and friends, an examination with an A+ on it and various other items.

Today, we can still preserve those memories by adding these additional items to our scrapbooks.

One Note: If you include the original in your scrapbook, then also keep a copy for future use.

So, what types of  “LIFE AWESOMENESS” can you put into scrapbooks?

  • Report Cards
  • Essays from School
  • Birthday Invites
  • Maps of Cities Visited
  • College Brochures
  • Greeting Cards
  • Post Cards
  • Decorative Napkins
  • Location Cards from Table Settings
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Receipts from a Favorite Dining establishments
  • Play and Show Programs
  • Sporting Occasion Tickets and Programs
  • Publication and Newspaper Articles
  • Old Drivers Licenses
  • Music CD/DVD Covers
  • DVD Movie Covers

These products can be customized for use on specific scrapbook pages or they can be left intact and put into a sheet protector alongside photos of the occasions they represent.

There is no restriction on the items that you can put into your scrapbook. Added items can help put much more context into the total story.

How To Save Money On Making Scrapbooks

How To Save Money On Making Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is REALLY enjoyable, and it’s really easy to rack up quite an expense when buying toys for your scrapbooking addiction. Trust me… I understand as when my wife and I went to the craft shop last week, she was simply mesmerized in the scrapbook aisle.

Need some savings advice???

The first thought is scrapbook kits. The makers of scrapbook kits almost always provide a lesser cost on the kit against what you would pay if you bought each item individually. You’ll receive with each, an assortment of papers, an assortment of stickers and an assortment of embellishments all in one kit. I’ve seen girl kits, baby boy kits, sports kits and car kits to name a few. Get more than one and you can mix and match.

The second thought is clearance items… If you are a scrapbooker, you understand that you’ll be scrapbooking during the various seasons and as with all seasonal items… You can get items much cheaper when they aren’t in season. My wife gets scrapbook materials, the same way she purchases garments, after a season ends. When summer is over, all of the scrapbook companies make space for their fall stock by reducing the costs on all remaining summertime products.

We really integrate the two concepts and buy scrapbook kits on sale, after the season. It actually is feasible to appreciate the hobby of scrapbooking while saving cash on the materials.

So You Think You Want To Make A Scrapbook?

So You Think You Want To Make A Scrapbook?

Learning to scrapbook will take some commitment and it is truly like a making a piece of art. When you find out some of the techniques involved in some scrapbooking pages, you will be able to appreciate it even more. Nevertheless, you will need to get a good understanding of a couple of fundamental tools, materials, and some skills before you get going. Some basic items you might want to start with are rubber stamps, paper crimpers, and punches. Remember to start slow with a few tools, it can get expensive if yo let it.

This hobby can be tough sometimes, however it can be very fulfilling as well when you end up with something like a family heirloom. It can be satisfying to do and then the memories that you collect can be given to your grandchildren.

To begin… you initially need photos. Everybody has boxes filled with pictures, but you might notice that some are discolored or distorted because of the poor storage. All around us… our houses are teeming with acid and moisture, which breaks down the chemical balance utilized in producing photos and triggers them to alter their look (like yellowing). With scrapbook preservation in mind, you will wish to make use of acid cost-free supplies so that you can protect the images for the near future and for the decades to come.

There are some essentials devices that you will need to get prior to you starting your trip of scrap booking. You will require sharp scissors and possibly some specialized scissors that will cut scalloped edges, however you may likewise desire something that will cut a straight line and circles. Beyond a cutting device and adhesive, you actually don’t need any other devices to get rolling, but if you desire to develop fancier pages, lots of options are offered consisting of rubber stamps, paper crimpers, and punches as mentioned above and can be found in the Make A Scrapbook store if you don’t want to travel to your nearest craft center.

You will likewise need a couple of standard supplies before you start, the most vital of which is the scrapbook itself. Make sure whatever you invest in is big enough to hold all the photos you desire it consist of; two to 5 images will fit on a basic 8 1/2 x 11 page with cropping, with the most well balanced layouts having 3 photos. Really, the only various other supplies that you will require to get your scrapbook album started is some paper.

When it comes to the abilities that you will require there isn’t really anything out of the ordinary.. mostly just a DESIRE to try. You’ll discover the best ways to do a lot of things through trial and error as well as what you see in a journal or online example. You will want to join a scrapbook group or go to workshop or club if you would like to gain skills quicker. As for the workshops, you will be able to go to numerous workshops when you have a look at the craft schedule at the regional, local, and online shops. Likewise go to a local craft shop and ask them the best ways to begin the make a scrapbook process and you’ll have the ability to understand the procedures listed here a bit better.

Happy Scrapping!!

Make A Scrapbook – What You Really Need To Know

Make A Scrapbook – What You Really Need To Know

The first thing you should realize about making a scrapbook is that it isn’t really a complex procedure at all.

Scrapbooking isn’t just for that uber crafty person amongst us either.

You do not need to have any ‘crafting’ skills at all, in order to make a scrapbook of memories that will last for generations to come.

Scrapbooking is a way to take those pictures, and things that hold special meaning, out from your regular, old, and (yawn) uninteresting picture cd’s and dvd’s, along with the boxes where they are being saved currently, to add personality to and truly capture the ‘essence’ of what these mean to you.

There are tons of books, DVD’s, software programs, scrapbook shops, and internet sites committed to scrapbooking that anybody can do it. In books, and DVD’s about scrapbooking you will discover concepts and tips on the best ways to create tailored pages for your scrapbook, some even have patterns that are easily copied for use in the making of your scrapbook. The majority of software programs have templates constructed into them for a fast and basic method to decorate your scrapbook. Scrapbook shops, online and off, and web websites for scrapbooking are all great resources to discover design ideas for your scrapbook in addition to the materials you will have to complete your project. As soon as you have developed them, you will find that you have made an enduring memento that you will treasure, you will even discover information on how best to join or bind your personal web pages together. With such a wide range of info, materials, supplies, and services readily available today: it is no marvel that scrapbooking has become such a preferred, and enjoyable hobby for a lot of people.

The multitude of materials available for you to utilize in making a scrapbook is what makes this such a simple and satisfying task… some examples are:

  • Stickers.
  • Pre-Filled Labels.
  • Patterns.
  • Stencils.
  • Serrated- Scissors.
  • Designer Documents.
  • Radiance Pens.
  • Cut-outs.
  • Ribbons.
  • Buttons.
  • Binders.
  • Glitters.

Making a scrapbook of memories does not have to be an expensive venture either. Scrapbook manufacturing is especially fun for children. Find pictures to cut out, old photos, shapes they can trace, etc and glue and paste until their hearts content. You can then drill holes in the pages that they produce and then let them loop the pages together with ribbon or yarn.

When you have actually all built your very own distinct scrapbooks, you can share items with one another and have them make a different perspective on those old photos and memories. Remember the memories of the events showed in your scrapbooks and share love, laughter, and life-lessons with each other.

It is time to bring those photos and keepsakes that hold such precious memories, out from the boundaries of dark boxes and drab albums, so that they can be shown in a manner that best represents their complete meaning to you and those you share these treasure books with. Create your keepsake treasure by making a scrapbook today!

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