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Getting Organized: Maximum Scrapbook Efficiency & Creativity |

Typically you’re quite tired after a scrapbooking session, and what seems to happen most often is you simply push all of your supplies in a drawer or box. Here are some ideas about arranging scrapbooking supplies a better way to making the clean up process much easier. How to Start Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies: The first […] Read more

Ways To Find Free Scrapbooking Ideas

For free scrapbooking ideas the Internet is a great place to look. If you’re looking for an original way to organize your favorite photos, arranging them in special scrapbook albums could be the solution. Ready made scrapbook kits can be really good, particularly if you are making a themed scrapbook, such as for a wedding, […] Read more

Make a Scrapbook of Family Recipes

I can not tell you the number of times I’ve called a family member or friend and and said “I just need to have your dish for such and such”. I keep collecting recipes slowly and people always get a good laugh when I realize that I need yet another recipe of someone’s “famous” dishes. […] Read more
Make A Scrapbook – More Than Just A Picture Collection

Make A Scrapbook – More Than Just A Picture Collection

Scrapbooks are not simply for images. When I was in elementary school, I had a scrapbook. I tried to keep movie ticket stubs, concert ticket stubs, letters from family and friends, an examination with an A+ on it and various other items. Today, we can still preserve those memories by adding these additional items to […] Read more

Scrapbook Catalog – Basic Tools for Getting Started

When you input scrapbooking in an online search engine, there are literally thousands of search outcomes that will turn up, largely due to the fact that scrapbooking has became an amazingly popular hobby. A beginner looking for materials might have a insolvable time searching with the websites for implied suggestions on ways to start producing Read more