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Getting Organized: Maximum Scrapbook Efficiency & Creativity |

Typically you’re quite tired after a scrapbooking session, and what seems to happen most often is you simply push all of your supplies in a drawer or box. Here are some ideas about arranging scrapbooking supplies a better way to making the clean up process much easier. How to Start Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies: The first […] Read more

Ways To Find Free Scrapbooking Ideas

For free scrapbooking ideas the Internet is a great place to look. If you’re looking for an original way to organize your favorite photos, arranging them in special scrapbook albums could be the solution. Ready made scrapbook kits can be really good, particularly if you are making a themed scrapbook, such as for a wedding, […] Read more

How To Become a Scrapbook Professional –

We all want to be passionate about our careers, and turning an enjoyable hobby into a career is one way to accomplish that. As a scrapbooker, you may have already considered becoming an independent scrapbooking consultant or opening your own scrapbooking store, but here are a few more ideas to consider before starting a scrapbooking […] Read more

Make A Paper Bag Scrapbook Quick & Easy

Paper bag scrapbooks are truly popular now. Their little size makes them wonderful for gift offering, for display on a coffee table, or even just as a “brag book”. They are made using paper bags (the brown bag lunch kind) and are of a smaller size than most of the the bigger scrapbook albums, at […] Read more
How To Make A Scrapbook For A Child’s Birthday

How To Make A Scrapbook For A Child’s Birthday

I remember when my kids were younger, I adored their birthday celebrations and wished to capture every moment. Commonly though, it wasn’t till after the celebration was over that I realized I only took a couple of photos and that I didn’t save any of the extra invites. Knowing ahead of time that you wish […] Read more
So You Think You Want To Make A Scrapbook?

So You Think You Want To Make A Scrapbook?

Learning to scrapbook will take some commitment and it is truly like a making a piece of art. When you find out some of the techniques involved in some scrapbooking pages, you will be able to appreciate it even more. Nevertheless, you will need to get a good understanding of a couple of fundamental tools, […] Read more