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Getting Organized: Maximum Scrapbook Efficiency & Creativity |

Typically you’re quite tired after a scrapbooking session, and what seems to happen most often is you simply push all of your supplies in a drawer or box. Here are some ideas about arranging scrapbooking supplies a better way to making the clean up process much easier. How to Start Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies: The first […] Read more

Ways To Find Free Scrapbooking Ideas

For free scrapbooking ideas the Internet is a great place to look. If you’re looking for an original way to organize your favorite photos, arranging them in special scrapbook albums could be the solution. Ready made scrapbook kits can be really good, particularly if you are making a themed scrapbook, such as for a wedding, […] Read more

Make a Scrapbook for A Bridal Shower

Picture this… your college roommate, or best friend if getting married and you’ve gotten the honor to be the “maid/ matron of honor”. You’re thinking to yourself, there is no freaking way you’re going to get her a toaster or blender. You’ve got to be more original… Why not make her a bridal shower Read more

Make A Scrapbook For A Surprise Party

It is so much fun to prepare a “surprise party”. I prepared a celebration a 70th birthday. After it was done, we realized the amount of work we completed in pulling it off and also just how much of that planning she was totally unaware was going on. I was able to create quite a […] Read more
How To Save Money On Making Scrapbooks

How To Save Money On Making Scrapbooks

Scrapbooking is REALLY enjoyable, and it’s really easy to rack up quite an expense when buying toys for your scrapbooking addiction. Trust me… I understand as when my wife and I went to the craft shop last week, she was simply mesmerized in the scrapbook aisle. Need some savings advice??? The first thought is scrapbook […] Read more
Make A Scrapbook – What You Really Need To Know

Make A Scrapbook – What You Really Need To Know

The first thing you should realize about making a scrapbook is that it isn’t really a complex procedure at all. Scrapbooking isn’t just for that uber crafty person amongst us either. You do not need to have any ‘crafting’ skills at all, in order to make a scrapbook of memories that will last for generations […] Read more