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Quick Party Box

How To Make A Scrapbook For A Child’s Birthday

I remember when my kids were younger, I adored their birthday celebrations and wished to capture every moment. Commonly though, it wasn’t till after the celebration was over that I realized I only took a couple of photos and that I didn’t save any of the extra invites.

Knowing ahead of time that you wish to make a scrapbook of your child’s celebration, will ensure that you same some party items such as the guest listing, the invites, and any greeting cards the child gets in the mail. All of these can be contributed to the scrapbook.

Consider taking an image of each visitor as they show up. If you aren’t using a digital camera for your photos then order about 3 sets for various things… examples:

  • Set 1: For your own scrapbooking needs of course.
  • Set 2: Are photos to send out to the various children guest’s parents
  • Set 3: Keep for your child for when the are older. They may wish to “go back in time” at some point (as most of us do) and will be very happy to have these

When it’s time to open presents, in addition to taking pictures, conserve the cards that come with the presents. Typically, at more youthful ages, kids make their own cards, and they are truly too valuable to throw out.

If you have actually bought a cake, or even if you have actually baked a cake, take an image prior to the time when the candles are added. Another idea here is if you’ve used a recipe you found (or a family keepsake recipe) to bake the cake, make a copy of the recipe to add to the scrapbook, along with an image of the cake.

Does the party have a theme? If you are buying sticker, labels, or possibly temporary tattoos to hand out in gift bags, purchase an additional set of items (naturally ensure that they are acid free and lignin-free) to include to your scrapbook pages.

Make sure to take photos of the child with the grandparents if the child’s grandparents are at the party. This is true for other loved ones that are there as well. Mini cds or an online photo account for loved ones who do come or for those who cannot so that they may use them as well in their scrapbooking endeavors (or whatever they do with their pictures). I like when I get photos of my family members. It’s so neat to keep up with her parties and other tasks through photos.

With the above ideas, you’ll create a lasting memory for both you and your child.

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