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Quick Party Box

Make a Scrapbook of Family Recipes

I can not tell you the number of times I’ve called a family member or friend and and said “I just need to have your dish for such and such”. I keep collecting recipes slowly and people always get a good laugh when I realize that I need yet another recipe of someone’s “famous” dishes.

Now that I have an children of my own I really wanted to pass the dishes on to them. You know, those dishes they can’t get enough of that they have been asking for since they could talk… this way they could add to other recipes they have gotten from around the family.

Recipe scrapbooks can be provided to aunts, uncles, cousins, and so on as AWESOME keepsake gifts for the holidays, or birthdays, or any occasion you can think of. You might make use of an 8×8 scrapbook and have the recipes on paper, instead of index cards as an example…

I think it’s an excellent mix to incorporate photos and recipes. For instance, a family picture at the beginning of the album is a wonderful method to begin off the scrapbook. Put an image of the dish submitter on one page and the dish on the opposite page if you have actually asked for dishes from multiple household members.

Another idea or option might be to place the actual dish on one page and a shopping list on the opposite page. I very often take a recipe to the market with me and shop off the recipe page or index card.

A 3rd idea is to develop a bit of history with your dishes. If you’ve had several family participants contribute dishes, think about having the dish on one page, images on one another page and a bit of information on the author on a 3rd page. Most scrapbooks are can be expanded as needed, so there is space for many web pages in one album.

All of my cookbooks have measurement charts and converters in them, so when making a recipe album, it’s wonderful to include this details in either the back or the front.

Recipe albums are also a fantastic present for a brand-new bride-to-be or a groom-to-be, as you will know all the favorite meals he or she grew up with while setting up their first home which allows for some nice surprise or intimate dinners.

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