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Quick Party Box

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Typically you’re quite tired after a scrapbooking session, and what seems to happen most often is you simply push all of your supplies in a drawer or box.

Here are some ideas about arranging scrapbooking supplies a better way to making the clean up process much easier.

How to Start Organizing Scrapbooking Supplies:

Inspiring Creative Spaces

Inspiring Creative Spaces (Photo credit: katiescrapbooklady)

The first step towards organizing your scrapbooking supplies is to spread every one of the scrapbooking products out on your scrapbooking table and group them into stacks. For instance, you might have a pile for decorations, an additional group for pens, another group for paper, and an additional team for ribbons as an example.

When you have arranged your scrapbooking products into groups, the next step in arranging your scrapbooking materials is to find something to put them in, like storage containers and boxes. Now, this is obviously dependent on the quantity of scrapbooking items that you currently have as to what sizes you may need. If you are an enthusiastic scrapbooker and have a significant quantity of scrapbooking supplies, you could get a huge plastic shelving facility with several shelves. This can be easily purchased for a sensible cost at your local outlet store. You might even think about possibly some sort of scrapbooking armoire that you dedicate only for keeping scrapbooking materials.

Expedit shelves Jan 2008

Expedit shelves Jan 2008 (Photo credit: for_ladybug)

Another option might be “Wall Pocket”. Wall pockets for scrapbooking supplies turn your wall into a convenient storage area. They are perfect for organizing almost all of your scrapbooking supplies. Larger scrapbooking supplies, such as card stock and background papers, can be stored in mesh wall pockets normally used for magazines. The mesh lets you see the contents quickly.

An additional choice for your scrapbooking materials is for you to obtain separate bins for each of the various types of materials, and place them in a stacking fashion on the edge of whatever space you have actually designated particularly for crafts. If you do not have such a room in your home, you can purchase bins that likewise look very much like furniture.

When it comes time to work on a scrapbooking task, the trick to arranging your scrapbooking materials is making sure your materials are simple to find. Conversely, it is very important to put everything away neatly.  Like with Ribbons as an example… If you like making use of ribbons in your scrapbooking projects, you could make sure by separating them neatly that they don’t all get tossed in together, which can result in them becoming knotted.

How you store and organizing comes down to how you are as a person. You can go to the minute detail if you wish… you are simply limited by your creativity and your checkbook (as you know you don’t want to waste valuable crafting dollars). In truth, if money is no object, it is a good idea to employ a professional coordinator to arrange everything for you!

If you would like even more info on how to arrange your scrapbook supplies, search the web, particularly on forums where people who share your love of scrapbooking who share recommendations on ways to keep everything organized. There are entire books on arranging scrapbooking materials. Examine your local scrapbooking store for these books and scrapbooking publications with posts on storage space and organization.


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