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Quick Party Box

Make A Paper Bag Scrapbook Quick & Easy

Paper bag scrapbooks are truly popular now. Their little size makes them wonderful for gift offering, for display on a coffee table, or even just as a “brag book”. They are made using paper bags (the brown bag lunch kind) and are of a smaller size than most of the the bigger scrapbook albums, at normally 5 x 5 inches. Since the paper bags are not acid-free, it is essential to just use copies of your images. You can get duplicates made of your pictures from your photo processing center or even make copies of photos on your house printer.

To get started you will need 3 paper lunch bags. You can make use of either the brown lunch bag kind or the white bags. I use several different coordinating ribbons to add style to the books.

To start, lay the 3 paper bags flat. Fold each bag in half so that it appears like a little “book”. Put the 3 folded books together so that you now have a 6-page book. Punch holes in the left side of the “book” (near the fold) or manual punch or machine (either is fine) but watch your alignment. To secure the book together utilize colorful ribbons and tie a small bow with each opening.

Leave the ends of the paper bag open, as you can make use of that area as added storage space for images, tags, and various other unique products. Enjoy your finished paper bag scrapbook!

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