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Make a Scrapbook for A Bridal Shower

Picture this… your college roommate, or best friend if getting married and you’ve gotten the honor to be the “maid/ matron of honor”. You’re thinking to yourself, there is no freaking way you’re going to get her a toaster or blender. You’ve got to be more original… Why not make her a bridal shower scrapbook?

As soon as the invites are picked, save one, entirely filled out to put at the beginning of the scrapbook. When you send the invitations, ask each visitor to mail you one image of the bride with the guest, along with a couple of sentences about how they know the new bride, or a special moment they have actually shared together. An additional option is to have paper and pens readily available at the shower and have all of the visitors compose their thoughts while at the shower.

For those guests who can not go to, it’s a terrific idea to have them email or snail mail their photos and ideas likewise. Since you’ll desire the paper to be acid and lignin free cost (to ensure they last for the long haul), think about mailing the paper with the invitations.

Go to the shop and take photos of the store in which the bride to be registered, from the inside (if possible) and/or the outside. If the bride-to-be goes with you, take pictures of the new bride standing outside of the shop.

If the shower is to be at a reception hall, take a number of pictures prior to your guests showing up. If the shower is held in someone’s home, take pictures of the exterior of of the house. Take some pictures of the deorated room prior to everybody arriving.

Are you serving food? Take images of the table with all of the food on it if it’s prepared ahead of time. Did visitors bring the food? If so, provide them with paper to write down the dishes ingredients or recipe if possible and possibly a picture as well, which you can then include in the scrapbook you are making.

When the bride-to-be begins opening her gifts, try to take one photo of each gift. Jot down who sent her the gift and attempt to get a picture of the visitor with their gift and the bride to be. Get at least one photo of each guest in attendance.

If you play any kind of games that include writing, try to use acid free, lignin free of paper so that you can include the competition sheets in the scrapbook.

If the bride has thank you notes written or some blank thank you notes, keep some for the scrapbook so that she’ll have the memories of what notes she made use of.

Making use of all the above suggestions, you can produce a very unique memory for the bride to be and I guarantee that the new bride will value this scrapbook much more than a toaster or blender.

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